Stories and Photos Matter

Stories and Photos Matter


It’s been years since I have blogged. No real excuse other than just living my best life. A lot has happened since my last post. I originally started this blog as a place to vent about my mothers different kind of crazy.

I’m sad to say that on July 21, 2016 my Mom passed away from complications from kidney failure and pneumonia. There were family and close friends at her side. More on that later.

I have decided to blog about my childhood and other stories of my crazy family in short essay form with pictures from my childhood. I believe that stories and photos matter. I’m all about wearing my¬† heart on my sleeve and being vulnerable even with the risk of being judged. I want these stories in print for my kids and someday my Grandkids. When people stop telling stories, and taking photos, those stories die with the last person who told them.

The photo above is of the “original four”. My Mom, My younger but much taller brother CR, me and my Dad.

My Mom always wanted to write a book about her different kind of crazy. We always said “It’s another one of Gail’s adventures”. There will be lots of stories. Funny, tragic, ones that make you scratch your head, possibly ones that make you cry but I hope you enjoy the ones that make you laugh the most.

This blog was a brainchild of one of my best friends who is also a writer. She is the one that told me I should start blogging these stories, and maybe someday make them into a book. (Yes, I have that many)

Thank you for being here. I look forward to making connections with you through the comment section, and hopefully making you laugh.

Cheers to a different kind of crazy,




That Pretty little head of hers.

Welcome to my blog!

My mother and I have a unique relationship. The grass is always greener on the the other side. Having said that, where there’s alot of craziness there’s also alot of love.

In the fall, my friend Cheryl and I took a trip to visit my mom in Sisters, where moms new boyfriend lives. (she and my dad divorced after 35 years of marriage last year). Cheryl got to experience some of my moms crazy antics first hand. From her baking a cake while we put away the warehouse garage sale (a post for another day) or wanting to take a photo of Samantha (my daughter) right after she had been stung by a bee on the face.

On the way home Cheryl told me that I should write a book about my mom. A memoir, if you will, and that I should call it “That pretty little head of hers” The more I thought about it, the more I thought I really should write the book. I plan to use this blog to tell some of those stories, as well as life lessons that I have learned from my mother.

As my mother has gotten older, she was diagnosed with stage 5 renal failure. She is on dialysis 3x a week, and still looking for a new mate. Our roles have reversed from parent child to me “parenting her”. The last 4 years have been the makings of stories that I couldn’t possibly make up. There have been fun times, incredibly frustrating times, redeeming times and more. I want to remember it all.

The one thing I have learned to be true, is that while I have a ton of craziness to share with you all, she always taught me to love deeply, forgive quickly, show Grace to those around, and never leave the house without Mascara and lipstick.